HKDPL - King Con

KingCon 2018

Haverstraw Library's first annual comic con!

Express your fandom at Haversrtaw King's Daughters Public Library's first annual mini-convention! Celebrate your passion be it comics, video games, anime and manga, movies and TV series or book series. Check out the events we are holding on Saturday, August 18, 10 am - 4 pm below.

Christopher Plummer

Panels & Workshops

Cosplay Costumes and Makeup 101

Learn where to buy or make your own cosplay costumes and then make a no-sew cape and a Harry Potter wand. Then learn how to put it all together with makeup with Maria Atubiga! Also, two Cosplay Costumes 101 attendees will win a 1MB HKDPL flash drive with 18 cosplay-related eBooks!

Getting Published for the First Time

Presented by local author JG Faherty. Learn the strategies for getting published, including how to prepare a cover letter, how to prepare the manuscript, and how to find markets for specific types of work.

How to Draw Anime & Manga

Learn how to draw chibi (small) anime characters and then make a 4-koma (panel) manga.

Stage Combat Demonstration

Presented by Christopher Plummer, a Certified Teacher with the Society of American Fight Directors. Watch a demonstration of various sword play techniques which you can use to improve your Cosplay technique.

Tea Time with Grell Sutcliff

Spend some time with Grell Sutcliff in this fun-filled session of Q&A, mini-games, and prizes!

Tokyo Ghoul

Join our two hosts in a fun-filled, interactive game of Q&A, truth or dare and mini-games where audience members may win some cool prizes!

Comic books

Other Special Events

Celebrating with Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go Trainers! Enjoy 6 hours of lures in celebration of KingCon from 10 am - 4 pm.

Cosplay Contest

Come dressed up as your favorite character and enter our cosplay contest! Registration is from 10 am - 2:30 pm. Voting will take place 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm and winners will be announced at 3:30 pm. One winner per age group will win fabulous prizes! Note: Real or replica firearms are not permitted. Please see our costume and prop policy for more information.

Creative Faces by V

Have your face professionally painted with beautiful designs by Veronica!

Drop-In Crafts

Make and take home a variety of themed crafts while supplies last.

Fandom Remix

Dance to popular theme music from various series with DJ Super H!

KingCon Art Exhibit

Enjoy a mixed media exhibit by numerous artists celebrating comics, anime/manga, and many other fandoms. The KingCon Art Show will be up for the whole month of August.

Maid Café

Maid cafés are a popular type of Japanese cosplay restaurant where waitresses dress as maids. Come and indulge in a variety of sandwiches, scones, cakes, and other fancies and enjoy a unique experience that's hard to find anywhere else! $5 per person. Kids meal $3. Take out available. Tentative menu. Final menu to be announced the day of event.

Movie Marathon

Enjoy a taste of some cult favorites:
10:00 am - "My Neighbor Totoro" G, 100 mins.
11:30 am - "Superman" PG, 143 mins.
2:00 pm - "Sailor Moon" G, 60 mins.
3:00 pm - "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" PG, 60 mins.

Table Top Gaming

Relax and play various table top games of your choice with friends or other players! Check out our list of board games here. Like a particular board game? Borrow it out on your library card!

Trivia Game

How versed are you in pop culture? Try out our Trivia Game and see how you stack up! Trivia questions will range from video games, comics, TV series, books, movies, anime and manga.

Video Game Room

Compete and play with friends on your choice of games on the PS4 or Switch console. Own a Switch? Bring you own console and play against others! 3DS owner? Streetpass us!

Fans in costume

Costume and Prop Policy

Absolutely no real or replica firearms will be permitted. Other prop policies are listed below. If you have a question or are unsure about your prop, please fill out this form or drop by the Main Library's Adult Reference Desk and speak to Catherine Campos.

Costume and Prop Policies

⋄ No metal or "real" weapons; example: swords (regardless or sheath), hammers, bats, etc.
⋄ No explosives or fireworks
⋄ No fighting or sparring with prop weapons
⋄ No rollerblades or skateboards indoors
⋄ No deliberately offensive costumes permitted; PG costumes only
⋄ Take caution and bring a handler when in large costumes; Do not block hallways or walkways for photos or otherwise
⋄ No solicitation or signs (i.e. "Hugs for $1")

Use your own judgement - when in doubt, leave it at home!

King Con Comments Welcome

Unless otherwise noted, King Con programs, events and prizes are paid for by taxpayer dollars. If you would like to see similar or other types of programs, please speak with King Con organizers Cathy, Jackie, Mark, Patrice or Rio during library hours or email us with your suggestion. You may also fill out our King Con post-survey. Thank you for your input and support!

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