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The Liberty Public Library has an opening for a part-time Library Clerk for approximately 19 hours per week. The hours are: Monday 10-5 pm; Tues and Thurs. 4 – 7 pm (* 8 pm Memorial Day- Labor Day); and Sat. 10-4 pm. Primary duties will include: assisting the public at the circulation desk, shelving books, filling inter-library loans, registering users for new library cards, and basic assistance with computers.

Minimum requirements include: a high school degree, excellent customer service and communication skills, computer skills, and a desire to work with the public. The salary range for this position is $10 to $13 per hour depending on relevant experience in working in public service settings (this does not necessarily need to be a library setting). Applicants must be able to pass a Civil Service examination for Library Clerk for permanent appointment.

Anyone interested in this position should mail a resume and a list of 3 references to: libertyjobs@rcls.org or mail it to Liberty Public Library, 189 North Main Street, Liberty, NY 12754.

Marjorie Linko, M.L.S.
Library Director
Liberty Public Library
189 North Main St.
Liberty, NY 12754


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Hi everyone,

This is a review of custodian etiquette, please let me know if you have any questions or anything to add. I have also used ‘cut and paste’ to bring back a few emails from past years, in case anything looks familiar.

-The custodians are busy too, and they take care of the entire building, not just our department.

There will be times when a custodian is not available to set up our programs. It then becomes our responsibility to set up the room. Luckily, our library staff functions well as a team, and I’m sure if assistance is needed, other departments will be available to assist in moving the tables and chairs.

Hopefully, if a custodian is too busy to set up for a program, we will receive a phone call.
Keep an eye out though, and if the program time is approaching and nobody has arrived to set up, call the custodial office and ask if they are planning to come set up for the program.

-Moving furniture and that sort of thing requires the use of the Request for Custodial Service form and applicable approval. Staff should not go around the approval process.

-There are occasionally programs on Saturdays at the Village Branch.

Because there are no custodians at that building after Friday around 3:00, and because there is usually a Children’s Department program until 5:00 on Fridays, it would be great if we could all work together to set up the room for the Saturday programs.

For those of us who work at the Village on Fridays, let’s please try to remember to check the calendar every week. If there is a program over the weekend, we’ll check for a custodial request and we can at least set up the equipment and any tables and chairs that are needed before we leave on Friday.

-The custodians have enough to do without having to get on their hands and knees to clean up spilled drinks, so please avoid the following: drinks on the floor under the desk, food / snacks anywhere near the desk, personal papers strewn across the desk, bags under the desk, etc.

-Please go through a department head or Cheryl Fellner if you have a non-emergency request that you would like done immediately or within a few hours.

-If programs are cancelled or if there are other changes, please do not forget to make changes on the custodial requests and to alert Cheryl Fellner and/or the custodians.


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On April 30, the Albert Wisner Library in Warwick will be holding a literary festival, over 20 authors will appear and do book signings. Copies of their work will be for sale at the library. More information and a schedule of author appearances may be found of the festival’s website


We extend an invitation to all RCLS libraries and their customers to attend.

Laurie Angle
Adult/Teen Services Coordinator
Albert Wisner Public Library
One McFarland Drive
Warwick, NY
845-986-1047 ext 3

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Just a recommendation for a program giver…

Blauvelt recommends Phil Cross if you are considering running a tai chi program at your library.

We have used him for a couple of years and he is great (particularly with seniors). He has a gentle manner, a lot of patience and a sense of humor, as well as plenty of words of encouragement. Our students love him!

Phil can be reached at Philcross675@gmail.com

Barry Koch, BLV

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Dear Colleagues;

If you are planing to attend BookExpo this year, they are not longer offering the librarian group discount. However, if your library or you are a member of ALA there is a discount.

The ALA is offering there members $20 off the 3-day and /or one day pass. Click on link below to register:

Grace Riario
Assistant Director & Outreach Coordinator
Ramapo Catskill Library System (RCLS)
Follow us @goRCLS
619 Route 17M Middletown, NY 10940-4395
845-243-3747 ext. 233
NYLA Council Member

“We cannot solve our problems using the same thinking we used when we created them”
Albert Einstein

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Hello, all –

Join us for our annual Cinco de Mayo festival featuring the Mid-Hudson Mexican Folkloric Dancers on Friday, May 5 – parade begins in the library parking lot at 5pm! (5/5 at 5!)

All best,

Lynne “Asha” Golliher
Outreach Librarian
Ellenville Public Library & Museum
40 Center Street, Ellenville, NY 12428

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” ~ Helen Keller

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Hi Everyone,

I brought in chocolate cheesecake with thin mint cookie crust. It will be in the fridge. Help Yourselves.


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Our budget passed 55 – 3 and Don Odom was elected to the Board.

Pam Stocking, EPL

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you still have time to choose a recipe!


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The Monroe Free Library is seeking a new purchase management system that works for libraries. We would love some input from others who are satisfied (or dissatisfied) with the software they currently use. We would be grateful for any recommendations.

Thank you!

Alex Carver
Monroe Free Library