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Hi, To anyone who is working in Youth Services Saturday and Sunday – please check all the J video games on the shelf and on the shelving carts and if any disks are in the cases please bring them up to the Circulation office. Please check the YA games too. Thanks, Tara

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This is a very good video lesson about government. This is excellent!!!!! I am sending this to everyone because most Americans don’t really understand our system of government. Every young person (old ones too) needs to view this to cement their study of history, especially as it pertains to the United States of America. At […]

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Hi all, Attached is a flier for a wonderful program we are having this Sunday, the 28th, at 1:30pm. Mark Judelson uses his wonderful talent as a storyteller to dramatise true stories of courageous individuals who responded to violence and hatred with acts of peace. We don’t have as many people signed up for the […]

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Due to late delivery all payroll checks will be have to be mailed late Wednesday. Ann

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We have a problem of OCLC libraries sending materials to the wrong libraries and we are aware of that. If your library receives material that IS NOT for your library: 1.   Call RCLS (ext. 238, or 250) to find out where the material is supposed to go 2.   Send the material with all of the […]

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Hi, Youth Services librarians, please be prepared when Priscilla or another Page approached you with the folowing: An RHA list (books requested for ILL) with items missing. Please double check and look for all J and YA materials that the Page could not find. Please do this immediately and give the list back to the […]

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To YS librarians, Please do not cover up any words or letters on spine labels when placing genre labels on materials. If any instructions seem confusing or contradictory, please just don’t put the labels on. PS Pat, you did a great job on the Newbery labels. Tara

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I have reserved the Board Room for 2-4pm next Tuesday, 3/2. I anticipate seeing Tara, Sandy, Patrice, Vivien, Stephanie and Sahn. if anyone else has an interest, or opinions to contribute, please contact me. If attending at this time is going to require schedule shuffling, please notify your department head soonest. Thanks, Naomi

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Got a question, correction, or suggestion? Email Rio below:

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I recently had a patron request that we download Skypes to our computers for use in RCC classes.  From what I can see, this is not something I really want to do.  Does anyone have Skypes on library computers?  Any information would be appreciated. Janet Lukas Library Director Tomkins Cove Public Library ============ We do […]

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