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My apologies to all of you. I thought I had sent an email to all staff inviting everyone to the ceremony on Sunday at 2 pm.. It’s a public event and was publicized in the newsletter. We will unveil the lettering and the Casey family will present a plaque for the room.. Light refreshments will […]

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Hello all – Has anyone presented a wine tasting program at their library? Patrons would only be tasting about 1-2 oz of wine… Karen ===================== [UPDATED May 2010] We did a Wine and Cheese tasting in 2006. It was very popular and people got to taste 6 different wines paired with different cheeses. Yes, each […]

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To all active LARC members, Representatives of the LARC Executive Board have reviewed the current bylaws and have proposed changes that, based on the results of your votes, will be adopted or rejected during this year’s Annual Meeting on June 3rd, 2010 at the Suffern Free Library at 7pm.  If accepted, these new bylaws will […]

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From: Sent: Thursday, April 29, 2010 4:02 PM To: AHANUS@RCLS.ORG Subject: NYS & Local Retirement System’s Employer E-News, April 2010 See your retirement E-News below or go directly to our website at: Employer News Hot Topics Tier Designation for Police and Fire Retirement System Police and Fire Retirement System (PFRS) members who joined […]

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What is or was the Powder Puff Derby, and who gave it that name? Joanne has asked me to send out questions to encourage librarians to familiarize themselves with our online databases. This is the first in a series of questions that you will be receiving; a response is required from every librarian working at […]

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Hi, When patrons want to register for the Wee craft, please explain that the info in the newsletter is incorrect – Wee craft is Monday at 10:30 am and Tuesday at 6:00 pm – (not Tuesday am and Wednesday pm). The same is true for the June Wee crafts. Please confirm the day and time […]

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Hi, FYI, there are so many mistakes on the Youth Services pages in the newsletter that we are not handing them out in Youth Services. Evanced is correct, please refer people to that calendar. The May programming calendar will be out by the end of the day. Tara

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FYI: I have recently heard from the school district about this summer’s reading lists. As I understand it: Honors and AP classes will be given a list of books to choose from. All regular classes will be able to choose to read anything they want. No list! They will be given suggested websites that describe […]

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Our Britannica subscription now includes a free new resource/interface, the 21st-Century Explorer. Here is how it is described: Britannica’s new 21st-Century Explorer provides online reference and learning tools for students who read below grade level, are dealing with specific learning problems, or are at risk of falling behind. This user-friendly collection contains all of the […]

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Please remember to refer people to the evanced calendar and the programming calendar when referring to Youth Services events. I would like to make it clear that it is my fault that the errors made their way into the newsletter. I did not send Cheryl F. the appropriate material. Thank you for your understanding. Tara

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