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The server that hosts the RCLS Web Site is being worked on with the help of VMware Tech Support. It will be unavailable off and on this afternoon. If you need direct access to Smarter Mail, use this link.|section=UserEmail John Schneider Assistant Network Administrator 845 343.1131 xt251

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We do NOT use status “trace” at the HKDPL. If you do not find an item on the shelves after a search, make the status ‘item missing’. The shelves are re-checked for ‘item missing’ NOT trace. Donna

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We are going to be trying a new program – having teens volunteer to help seniors get onto and use facebook. If you are approached by someone who would like to be trained in this way, please take their name and contact information and pass it on to Patrice. This may be done by email […]

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There is an article in the 11/22/2010 issue of Library Hotline that describes how an iPhone/iPad app called Bluefire Reader can be used to open Overdrive-DRM Adobe EPUB files on an iPhone/iPad. While this would be a great improvement in service, I’m checking with Overdrive to see if this would violate any licensing contracts or […]

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Here’s the response from Overdrive….glad we asked! Jerry Kuntz Electronic Resources Ramapo Catskill Library System 619 RTE 17M Middletown NY USA 10940 / From: Sent: Monday, November 29, 2010 8:49 AM To: Subject: [Support Tracking #257300] Bluefire Reader hack Jerry, We are currently aware of the Bluefire Reader app for use […]

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November 29—December 5, 2010 ANSER Staff Evening/Weekend Schedule You can reach ANSER staff for Horizon or network communication problems at RCLS according to the schedule below. When staff is in the office Please call 845 343 1131 and the extension listed below after 5 pm. A technician will be on call only at times when […]

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Hi, If anyone needs a nametag please let me know. Julie, you are already on the list. Thanks, Tara ======================== If you or someone in your dept. needs one, please let me know. (I have Diana and Julie (YS librarian)) Cheryl

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Good afternoon all, Michael Borges, Executive Director of the New York Library Association (NYLA) is urging everyone to contact their legislators today to ask that they approve the Education, Labor and Family Assistance (ELFA) Article VII bill. The legislators are scheduled to meet today at 3:00pm for a Special Session called by the Governor to […]

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Short (ALL CAPS) bibliographic records for titles reviewed in the following issues of selection tool journals have been added to ANSER: Publisher’s Weekly 11/15/2010 Kirkus 11/15/2010 Library Journal 11/15/2010 Jerry Kuntz Electronic Resources Ramapo Catskill Library System 619 RTE 17M Middletown NY USA 10940 /

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Hi all, I have returned from vacation and we are backlogged in cataloging. We have 9 business days worth of copies in the office. We are currently working on November 10. If you have sent your copies to us already between Nov. 10 and the current date, PLEASE do not send them again. We will […]

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