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Dear Colleagues; This is a great opportunity for you to meet some great people from REFORMA/ALA and learn about multicultural literature. Click on the links provided for more information. The REFORMA Northeast Chapter and ALA Ethnic Caucuses are pleased to announce the¬†13th Annual Joint Mini Conference &¬†Multicultural Books and Talent Fair:¬†Connecting Literature, Arts & People […]

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Since we changed from the http:// to the https:// site in SmarterMail, we’ve heard from a couple of libraries that had been using some, let us say, unconventional methods to get to the SmarterMail login screen. The recommended methods are: 1) From RCLS site. Use the “SmarterMail login” link on the RCLS home page, under […]

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Hi all, A patron alerted us to the fact that the closed captioning for this animated, two-DVD set doesn’t match the dialogue. We checked it out for ourselves, and lo and behold, it’s for something else entirely and not suitable for young ones. 32825005463304 32825005463171 Perhaps our copies were just hacked in some way, but […]

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In the building now, Richie. He doesn’t know yet if he will just be filling in or will be a regular. Cheryl F

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If you used SmarterMail’s File Storage feature (which we recommend to send large files to someone rather than an attachment), please bear in mind: The URLs to these files that you sent out prior to yesterday’s switch to will not now work. So if you sent someone a link earlier, you may want to […]

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Please do not automatically send patrons downstairs when they need a notary. Apparently the same person was sent downstairs multiple times, and I was not here. Please call to see if I am available. If I don’t answer, leave me a message. If I don’t call back within 10 minutes, assume I am out of […]

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Both branches of the Woodbury Library will be closed on Sunday, April 16th. No fines please. Thank you. Cathy Imburgia Interim Library Director

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1:00 p.m. close on Good Friday, April 14: OPEN Saturday, April 15, CLOSED Easter Sunday. Thank you, Mary Lou Mary Lou Carolan, MLS Director Cornwall Public Library 395 Hudson Street Cornwall, NY 12518 phone: 845-534-8282, ext. 201 fax: 845-534-3827 “Don’t just play to the people that get you. Play to the people that […]

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