Update: June 18th, 2009

Hello! Welcome to the new staff page. If you’re unfamiliar with a blog, feel free to go through the following notes, tutorials, and other helpful tidbits to get around this site.

HOME – find the latest news here from RCLS, other libraries and among staff members at HKDPL
E*VANCED & OTHER LINKS – find links to the e*vanced solutions calendars, room reserve, along with staff phone numbers, birthdays and staff calendars
WHAT’S NEW? – get in the know of what’s been happening at here at the staff page
HELP – find information to help you get around the site and various other useful tips
GALLERY – pictures of staff, events, and humorous things


Menu Bar

On the right-hand side is the menu bar. There are three buttons up top: Recent Posts, Categories & Archives. When you first come to the site, all listings underneath “Archives” are actually the most recently posted news. If you hit Categories or Archives, they will be appropriately listed.

Recent Posts – the latest news to be posted within the site.
Categories – check certain news by category. Categories include RCLS, Interlibrary, HKDPL and more.
Archives – check news by date.
Calendar – a nice quick way to check when something was posted.
Accounts – Log in and registration links.
Search – search all posts within the site.

Posting Comments

Anyone may comment here at the site.  Just fill out the fields  at the bottom of the post and hit the Submit button. You do NOT have to register or log in to comment. If you do not see a comment box, you cannot comment on that particular post or page.

Become a Contributor

If you would like to share your own news, jokes, and other information, registration is required. I’ll set your account to become a contributing editor and you may then submit your own posts to the site. Don’t worry, posting here is easy as creating an email!

To register, look under the Accounts section on the right-hand side and hit “Register”. Fill out the appropriate forms and you will be logged into the site. Once logged in, you will be taken to the Dashboard where you may edit your profile, make new posts, and so on.

In future, all you have to do is hit “Login” to get into your Dashboard.


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