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Our Children's Department provides our youngest patrons a welcoming, safe environment
where they may play games, explore, study, read, be read to and grow. We provide many children's programs for toddlers to tweens
from storytime to book clubs. Age-appropriate materials and technological equipment such as our early literacy stations, iPads, and more are available for use. For assistance, our staff will be more than happy to help!

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Online Art Show

online art show

The Haverstraw King's Daughters Public Library is having a "Stuck Inside Art Show!" If you've been creating artwork during your time at home using any medium, and would like us to display your artwork in an online gallery, please email us a photo of your artwork along with your name and age to:

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Read over 100+ children and teen eBooks anywhere, any time, and for free!

Get started by going to eSebco Books, then enter the username "haverstraw" and password "public" without the quotes, enter your 14-digit Haverstraw Library card number and finally, enter your name, login and enjoy!

Page Turner Adventures

Week 4 Show - Book Buccaneer

AHOY – can it be?!?! Yes it is! It’s Capitan Book and the Book-A-Neers! They have traveled the world in their great ship, The Last Word, plundering stacks and raiding shelves, stealing books from libraries in all four corners of the earth.

Then one day, Capitan Book chooses the wrong book as his loot and, shiver me timbers, the ol’ scallywag becomes cursed to roam the world with a book attached to his hand! He and his crew are doomed to listen to the same story over and over again UNTIL he returns his treasure of stolen books! All Hand Ho, Buckos! Don’t miss this epic tale of book-filled bounty!!

Join Storyologists, Page Turner and Kenny in Captain Book and The Book-A-Neers, an interactive show about a pirate who’s been cursed with a book permanently attached to his left hand.

Week 4 Crafts - Pirate Week

Shiver me timbers! Get ready me hearties for some seafaring fun with an outrageous show and pirate themed Arrrrrts and crafts.

Pirate Map

No pirate would be complete without buccaneer gear! Learn how to make your own pirate map made from a paper lunch sack.

Download Pirate Map directions here

Pirate Spyglass

While searching for treasure, you’re going to need a spyglass! We’ll show you how to make your own with a toilet paper tube and a paper cup.

Download Pirate Spyglass directions here

Nautical Pencil Jar

Even landlubbers need a place to keep their pencils and light to read their maps. You can do both with these nautical themed pencil cups and candle holders made from recycled jars and fruit netting.

Download Nautical Pencil Jar directions here

Balloon Boats

It’s time to raise the masts and set sail in your own ship made from a Styrofoam bowl, straw, and balloon (the rubber ducky is optional!).

Download Balloon Boat directions here

Author Interviews

Melinda Long

Author Interviews

Tom Lictenheld

Week 3 Show -Pizza Pizzaz

Who makes the best pizza in the town of Mozzarella...Vincent Van Dough or Leonardo Da Munchi? “Crust” us, you will want to watch THE GREAT PIZZA CONTEST Storybook Adventure to find out. Don’t be a weir-dough and watch the show!

Week 3 Crafts - Pizza Week

Pencil Thin Mustache

Excuse us, but we MUSTACHE you a question: Want to look like an authentic pizza guy? Let's create a mustache to look the part! And once you have finished, you will have your costume and then you can work on your “delivery” by acting out the Reader’s Theater Script of the Story.

Download Mustache directions here

Download The Great Pizza Contest Readers Theatre Script

Paper Plate Pizza

Now it’s time to make some pizza! We won’t get cheesy here, the ingredients in our first recipe are construction paper and glue for our Paper Plate Pizza Craft.

Download Paper Plate Pizza directions here

Tortilla Pizza

Ready to actually cook? Great, let’s have a slice of fun! Grab an adult and learn how to make your own tortilla pizzas. Here’s what you “knead” to know

Download Tortilla Pizza directions here

Fruit Pizza

Pizzas don’t always have to be made from dough and cheese! Time for a sweet treat! We guarantee no matter how you slice it, you are going to love this yummy fruit pizza.

Download Fruit Pizza directions here


We'll need your help to break a spell placed on Sleeping Beauty in THE MIXED-UP FAIRYTALE Storybook Adventure.


Grab your binoculars and compass and get ready for a journey through the jungle. Then get ready for some adventure themed crafts and a fun game that will get you up and moving.

Snakes? Why’d it have to be books about snakes? In this Indiana Jones-style show,Kenny goes in search of the Magical Purple Wish Lion in the hopes of finding the BEGINNING, MIDDLE, and END to his very own story.

Week 2 Crafts - Adventure Week

Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars

If you’re adventuring in the jungle, you’re going to need binoculars. Learn how to make your own from two toilet paper tubes.

Download Toilet Tube Binoculars directions here

Wish Lion Plates

If you don’t find the wish lion, you’re just going to have make your own from two paper plates.

Download Wish Lion Plates directions here

Mad Director

Our quest begins and ends on the stage of an old theater, so it’s time to get silly and physical with a fun theater game.

Download Mad Director directions here

Easter Island Heads

Go on an adventure to Easter Island and make your own Mysterious Moai using detergent bottles and masking tape.

Download Easter Island Heads directions here


We'll need your help to break a spell placed on Sleeping Beauty in THE MIXED-UP FAIRYTALE Storybook Adventure.

Week 1 Crafts - Fairytales Week

Build a Gingerbread House

What kind of house would you design if you lived in Storyville? How about a gingerbread house made from candy? No candy handy? No problem! Today, Page Turner is showing us how to make our own gingerbread house from a paper lunch sack and craft foam.

Download Fairytale House directions here

Decorate your own Pysanky Egg

We’ve got another EGGcellent project today from Page Turner Adventures! Learn how to make our version of a pysanky egg. It’s tons of fun and that’s no yoke!

Download Pysanky Egg directions here

Learn to Make Little Red Riding Hood’s No-Bake Cookies

Fairytale quests require lots of energy, so be sure to stock up on snacks with this video featuring a Page Turner making Little Red Riding Hood’s No-Bake Cookies, and just like the Big Bad Wolf, make sure you bring your appetite!

Download Little Red Riding Hood's No-Bake Cookies directions here

Create your own Fractured Fairytale with Fairytale Madlibs

Let’s get your imagination going! It’s time to create your own Fractured Fairytale with this fun Fairytale Mad Libs Game. Page and Kenny will give you the ideas, and you fill in the blanks!

Download Fractured Fairytale Madlibs directions here

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